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Technische Daten

System Specifications Networking

   * Network Protocol  
         o CIFS/SMB, NFS (for Linux/Unix)
         o FTP, HTTP, DFS (Distributed File System)
   * Network Settings  
         o DHCP Client
         o Static IP
         o NTP with Daylight Saving option

OS& File System

   * Embedded OS: Linux 2.6
   * External HDD: EXT2/EXT3, FAT32, NTFS, XFS (Journal File System)
   * Internal HDD: XFS

Security Feature

   * Encrypted Network Login   
   * FTP/S  
   * HTTP/S
   * Volume Encryption with AES-256
   * Remote Replication 
   * Access Control List by Users Or Groups

LAN Feature

   * Dual Gigabit LAN  
         o 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-MDIX
         o Failover
         o Link-Aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad compliant)
         o Load Balancing
         o Jumbo Frame Up to 9K bytes

Backup Feature

   * Snapshot Backup
         o Snapshot Scheduler
         o Snapshot Rollback
         o Snapshot Space Automatically Expansion
   * Remote Replication
         o Instant/Schedule Backup Manager
         o NSA to NSA Archive/Full Backup
         o NSA to NSA Incremental Backup
         o NSA to NSA synchronization Backup (Publish/Mirroring)
         o Backup Task Bandwidth Control
   * Local Backup
         o Local Volume to Volume Backup
         o Backup To USB Disk
         o Programmable Backup Button
         o Recycle bin
   * Compatible backup utilities
         o Genie Backup Manager Lite® (Free bundled with unlimited license)
         o Genie Backup Manager Server® (Free bundled with one license)


   * RAID Level  
         o JBOD (Just Bundle of Disk)
         o RAID0 (Striping)
         o RAID1 (Mirroring)
         o RAID1 (Mirroring + Spare)
         o RAID5 (Striped Set with Parity)
         o RAID5 (Striped Set with Parity + Spare)
         o RAID10 (Stripe Of Mirrors)
   * Hot Spare  
         o A Spare Hot Drive as Hot Spare in Case of Disk Failure
   * Online Expansion  
         o Online Expansion (JBOD/RAID5) With Larger Drives Capacity
   * DISK Maintenance  
         o Self-Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T)
         o Automatically DISK Bad Block Scanning

USB Application

   * Support Max two USB Printer Servers (By CIFS Protocol)
   * Support External USB HDD
   * Support Memory Stick and Card Reader
   * Support USB UPS Power Monitoring and Auto Shutdown 

Power and Thermal Management

   * Power Control
         o Idle Mode
         o Scheduled Startup/Shutdown/reboot
         o Automated Power On After Power Failure
   * Thermal Management
         o Automatically Fan Speed Control According To Temperature of Internal Chassis
         o Fan Failure Alert/Buzzer
         o Email Alert while High Temperature
         o Auto Shutdown While High Temperature 
   * Management
         o User & Group Management
         o Max User Accounts: 512
         o Max Groups: 32
         o Max Share Folders: 100
         o Concurrent Connection: 64
         o MS Active Directory Service (ADS)
         o NTv4 Domain
   * Quota Assignment per UserReset Button
         o Reset IP Address and Password to Default
         o Reset All Device Settings to default, but All the  Data in HDD Remains
   * Device and Disk Setup
         o Web-Based Wizard for Device Setup and Disk Setup
         o NSA Discovery Utility
         o Online Help on Each Pages

System Tools

   * System Maintenance  
         o System Resource, Session, Status Monitoring
         o System Configuration Backup and Restore
         o Firmware Upgrade
   * Alarm/Buzzer
         o System Alert and Health Notification
   * Logs
         o Syslog
         o Event Logs
         o Acton Logs for Read/Write Files, Create/Delete Directory
   * Browsers Supported   
         o IE6.0+, Safari 3.0+, Firefox 2.0+
   * Multilingual Support
         o English, French, Germany, Italian, Traditional-Chinese
   * Supported OS for Genie Backup Manager Lite®
         o Windows® Vista/XP/2000/98/SE
   * Supported OS for Genie Backup Manager Server®
         o Windows® 2000/2003 Server

Hardware Specification

   * Processor: Freescale 8543 800Mhz
   * Memory    
         o 256MB Flash
         o 256MB DDR II SDRAM
   * Drive Bays  
         o Up To 4 Internal HDDs
         o Both SATA and SATA II interface Supported
         o Hot Swappable
   * LAN port  
         o 2 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port
         o IEEE 802.3ab compliant
         o IEEE802.3ad compliant
         o IEEE 802.3u compliant
         o IEEE 802.3 compliant
   * USB  
         o 2 x USB 2.0 High Speed
         o Type A female connector
   * Buttons
         o Power Button
         o Auto-copy button
         o Reset Button
   * Smart Fan: 2 x Chassis Fan
   * Buzzer: System Warning
   * Power consumption
         o Idle mode: 25W (with 4 x 250GB HDD)
         o Access mode: 58W (with 4 x 250GB HDD)
   * Power supply
         o Input: AC100~240V
         o Output: DC 19V

Physical Specification

   * Item Weight: 6200g (13.7lb)
   * Item Dimension: 140 (W) x 300 (D) x 305 (H) mm (5.51"x 11.81"x 12")
   * Packing Weight: 8000g (17.68lb)
   * Packing Dimension: 440 (W) x 440 (D) x 276 (H) mm (17.32"x 17.32"x 10.86")

Environmental Specification

   * Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C
   * Operating humidity: 20% ~ 90%, RH (non-condensing)
   * Storage temperature: -30°C ~ 60°C
   * Storage humidity: 20% ~ 95%, RH (non-condensing)


   * Safety
         o UL 1950
         o CSA C22.2 No. 950
         o EN60950, EN41003
   * EMC
         o FCC Part 15 Class B
         o EN 55022 Class B
   * Power Adaper
         o CEC Efficiency Level V
         o ENERGY STAR EPS specification 2.0 complied