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Gemini™ SL3516 Network Processor

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Single 32-bit 400MIPS ARM9 RISC processor with separate embedded MMU and 8K/16K data/instruction cache

Dual AHB with aggregate peak performance of greater than 10.6Gbps for wire-speed operation

Supports unlimited serial NAND flash

Storm proprietary buffer pre-fetch DDR controller

Supports 256MByte 16-bit 333MHz (PC2700) of external DDR SDRAM

Supports single Ultra-133 IDE or dual SATA

Hardware XOR RAID engine to support RAID5

Dual USB2.0 selectable host or slave

Dual 802.3 compliant Ethernet MACs with 10/100 MII and 10/100/1000 RGMII

Layer2/3/4 hardware switching, routing and NAT with 4 transmit queues per port for QoS support

Layer2-7 packet classification into 16 receive queues

Transmit acceleration by TCP segmentation, IP fragmentation and TCP/IP/UDP checksum calculation

Receive acceleration by TCP connection table lookup, assembly of multiple packets belonging to the same TCP connection and TC/IP/UDP checksum verification

Hardware Security Acceleration Engine performs DES, 3DES, AES, CCMP and RC4 encryption/decryption with CBC or ECB mode operation; authentication with SHA1, MD5, HMAC-SHA1 and HMAC-MD5 hashing algorithm

Hardware 32-bit true random number generator

32-bit PCI 2.2 bus interface up to 66MHz with four master device support

Intelligent and programmable power management

Timer, GPIO, UART, Watch Dog Timer

Embedded Real Time Clock for true server applications

Integrated OSC/PLL circuits require single 60MHz crystal

0.13µm standard CMOS with approximately 1.5W dissipation

Low cost and small foot print 324-pin FBGA


The used ARM9 RISC processor ist the FA526 from Faraday


Hardware of the Raidsonic IB-NAS4220-B is identical to Macpower Taurus LAN and i-Stor IS607 - use of it's software isn't actually recommended. IT MAY HARM YOUR NAS-4220!

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